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Last Week in Review: December 4th to December 10th

Monday, December 4th:

  • Caveman added to the arcade floor. Big thanks to Jeff Lee for being here during the unveiling! It was the first game he ever worked on.
  • GGA’s own Tom Nieter, aka “GGA Wafflez” was interviewed by First to Ten on Galloping Ghost Arcade and the Chicago NetherRealm Studios Fighting Game Scene
  • James White set the Aurcade High Score in Black Widow: 509,875


Tuesday, December 5th:

  • Cabinet Upgrade: BioFreaks, the unreleased prototype from Midway.
    • Thanks to Rob Ooze for hooking us up with a ROM and hard drive upgrade, adding a full attract mode and major hitbox fixes.


Wednesday, December 6th:


Friday, December 8th:

  • Huge thanks to HandCrafted Grains for making our custom wood Galloping Ghost Arcade logo!

Saturday, December 9th:

  • Another successful GGA Swap Meet!


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Last Week in Review: November 27th to December 3rd

Monday, November 27th


Tom Nieter DEFENDED Jerimiah Smith VS. Super Mario Bros
Tom Nieter LOST Mases Hagopian Millipede
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Vampire Saviour
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Dan McCarthy G.I. Joe
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Jamie Tibbetts Juno First


Tuesday, November 28th


Wednesday, November 29th

  • Major Cabinet Repairs. Thanks Seth Young!:
    • Cruis’n USA
    • NHL Open Ice
    • Mr. Viking


Thursday, November 30th

  • GGA is hosting a weekly Injustice 2 Tournament Season: Ghost Battle Series
    • This is a weekly double elimination trounament.
    • $5 gets you in the door, doors open at 7pm.
    • Tournament is streamed on our Twitch Channel


Friday, December 1st

  • Galloping Ghost Arcade and Dock Mack featured on Mancow on WLUP! It’s the first thing on the show, check it out!


Saturday, December 2nd:


Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Jason Hodges Espgaluda
Mases Hagopian LOST Tony Cupello Championship Sprint
Tony Cupello LOST Jeremy Campbell Metal Slug 5
Jeremy Campbell LOST Bill Pacoc Guardians of The Hood
Bill Pacoc LOST Will Herd Thunder Force AC
Will Herd DEFENDED Chris Broderick Ultra Street Fighter 4
Will Herd DEFENDED Daniel Astaroth Black Tiger
Will Herd DEFENDED Jason Hodges In The Hunt
Will Herd DEFENDED Sean Khurana NARC
Will Herd LOST Bill Pacoc Jungle King
Bill Pacoc DEFENDED Tony Cupello Aero Fighters
Bill Pacoc DEFENDED Jason Hodges VS. Super Mario Bros
Bill Pacoc DEFENDED Daniel Astaroth MegaMan Power Battles
Bill Pacoc LOST Andrew Worcster G.I. Joe
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Jason Hodges Road Runner
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Sean Khurana First Funky Fighter
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Jeremy Campbell Congo Bongo
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Angel Vasquez Raiden Fighters 2
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Bryan Berg Twin Eagle
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Tony Cupello Art of Fighting 2
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Mases Hagopian Bad Dudes
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Will Herd Rolling Thunder
Andrew Worcster LOST Daniel Astaroth Progear
Daniel Astaroth LOST Jason Hodges Samurai Showdown 3
Jason Hodges DEFENDED Jeremy Campbell U.N. Squardron
Jason Hodges LOST Catherine Bozzi Pepper II
Catherine Bozzi LOST Mases Hagopian Ninja Warriors


Sunday, December 3rd:

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Last Week in Review: November 20th to November 26th

Monday, November 20th: 

  • Mister Viking (Sega 1984) added to the arcade floor


Tuesday, November 21st: 

  • This Sindel statue, as portrayed by Lia Montelongo, is the latest addiction to the original cast Mortal Kombat Trilogy statue line up! Sculpted by Chris Elizardo, recast by Kenn Kooi, and painted by Denise Petersen.


Wednesday, November 22nd:


Thursday, November 23rd:


Friday, November 24th:


Saturday, November 25th:

  • Big thanks to Jeffrey Lee (Creator of Q*Bert) for bringing us these new Q*Bert Christmas Ornament Qubes! Each side features Q*Bert seasonal art drawn by Jeff Lee himself!
    • Now on sale at the front counter for $5, each is signed by Jeff Lee
  • The HARDCORE BELT was VACTED and now belongs one of our GGA House Champs: Tom Wheeler!


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Last Week in Review: November 13th to November 19th

Monday, November 13th:

  • Juno First (Gottlieb, 1983) added to the arcade floor


Tuesday, November 14th:

  • New Galloping Ghost Coins available at the Arcade in 5 coin holder keychains


Wednesday, November 15th:

  • Cabinet Upgrade: Swapped Space Harrier sit down cabinet for deluxe cabinet! Big thanks to Chris Page for getting it to us and Seth Young for getting it running! We were honored to have Sega Master Chris Tang play the first game on it!


Thursday, November 16th:


Saturday, November 18th:


Sunday, November 19th:

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Last Week in Review: November 6th to November 12th

Monday, November 6th:

  • Gunblade NY (Sega 1996) added to the arcade floor



Tuesday, November 7th:

  • In a TatTuesday event, we reveal the never released Tattoo Assassins (Data East 1996) to the arcade floor! Follow the story of the hunt for this incredibly ambitious fighting game here!


Wednesday, November 8th:


Thursday, November 9th:

  • New Limited Edition issue of Little Player Magazine available at the front counter


Saturday, November 11th:


Josh Herout DEFENDED Aiden Herout Castlevania the arcade
Josh Herout LOST James White Galaga ’88
James White DEFENDED Aiden Herout Darius
James White LOST Chaz Dickson NFL Blitz
Chaz Dickson LOST Josh Herout Mace the Dark Age
Josh Herout DEFENDED Nathan Ely Sky Shark
Josh Herout LOST Parker Solar Warrior
Parker LOST Aiden Herout Crater Raider
Aiden Herout LOST Josh Herout Jungle King
Josh Herout DEFENDED Chaz Dickson Magical Drop II
Josh Herout LOST Mariano Golden Axe The Duel
Mariano DEFENDED Ky Samurai Shodown IV
Mariando LOST Aidan Herout Turtles
Aidan Herout DEFENDED Ethan Ninja Gaiden
Aidan Herout DEFENDED Josh Herout Bagman
Aidan Herout DEFENDED Ky S.P.Y




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Last Week in Review: October 30th to November 5th

Monday, October 30th:

  • We added the never before seen Spectre Files – Deathstalkers to the arcade floor over the weekend!
    • A fully filmed FMV B-horror movie adventure game, started by Rampage legend Brian Colin and Bally Midway in 1984 that was never finished.
    • Game Refuge and Galloping Ghost Productions collaborated to finish and build a complete game and cabinet!


  • We added Skull & Crossbones (Atari 1989) to the arcade floor!
  • Huge thanks to Jeffrey Lee, legendary game artist and creator of Q*Bert, who dropped off new autographed Q*Bert art prints!
  • Huge thanks to Brian Colin who gave us this new Rampage poster he created, now framed on display at the arcade!


Tuesday, October 31st:


Wednesday, November 1st:

  • We found this sticker on our Superman cabinet
  • The first issue of Old School Gamer Magazine is out! Thanks to Ryan Burger! Featuring a 3 page article on Galloping Ghost Arcade and coverage on Kombat Kon! We had Q*bert creator Jeff Lee, and Mortal Kombat actors Daniel Pesina, John Parrish, and Anthony Marquez checking out the issue!


Friday, November 3rd:


Saturday, November 4th:




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Last Week in Review: October 23rd to October 29th

Monday, October 23rd:

  • Chiller added to the arcade floor
  • Galloping Ghost Coins are now available!
  • Sold at the front counter in convenient 5x coin holders
    • The coins are good at Galloping Ghost Arcade as well as various arcade locations such as Underground Retrocade, Pixel Blast Arcade, and Chicago Street Pinball Arcade, can be used towards  admission, snacks, or merchandise
    • Also accepted at arcade vendors like Prince Arcades, Troy Smith & Paradise Arcade Shop towards purchasing merchandise and full arcade cabinets!
    • We will be offering exclusive items and experiences ONLY to those with coins.
    • Will also be accepted at all upcoming Galloping Ghost Productions affiliates, including Galloping Ghost Gama and Galloping Ghost Reproductions.
    • In classic arcade tradition, you can always use them to say you have “next” on an arcade machine!
  • The 4th American Horror Scoring Arcade Tournament starts!


Chris Plachy LOST Mases Hagopian Tetris


Tuesday, October 24th:


Thursday, October 26th:

  • Thanks to Alex Ross and Kenn Kooi for providing us this incredibly rare original cabinet side panel art for the unreleased prototype Judge Dredd game!
  • This happened at the Galloping Ghost Productions office! Fortunately no one was hurt and no arcade machines were damaged!



Saturday, October 28th:

  • Despite some unseen issues literally crashing our venue, the GGA Swap Meet was still on!
  • The GGA Swap Meet featured a special guest and special event! Arcade Legend Brian Colin presents a fully playable cabinet of the unreleased FMV game: Spectre Files: Deathstalker!


Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Tom Nieter Track & Field
Mases Hagopian LOST Josh Herout Kung Fu Master
Josh Herout DEFENDED Jacob Marousk Cruisin USA
Josh Herout DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Double Dragon
Josh Herout DEFENDED Eddie Perez Two Tigers

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Last Week in Review: October 16th to October 22nd

Monday, October 16th:

  • The First Funky Fighter added to the arcade floor


Jamie Tibbetts LOST Mases Hagopian Missle Command
Mases Hagopian LOST Chris Plachy World Heroes
Chris Plachy DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Karate Champ
Chris Plachy DEFENDED Jamie Tibbetts War Gods



Tuesday, October 17th:



Friday, October 20th:

  • GGA sends out a huge thanks to everyone who came out to the Galloping Ghost Arcade Discussion Panel at the Pinball Expo in Chicago. Big thanks to Robert Berk for the invitiation!
  • Big thanks to Yoshihiko Sato! Who helped us get the First Funky Fighter cabinet here from Japan.
  • We got 25x K7000 monitor cap kits, and our Master Tech Seth Young is putting them to good use! Captain America and the Avengers, Samurai Showdown VI, Dungeons and Dragons – Tower of Doom/Shadows Over MystaraStreet Fighter Zero 3 Upper, and Aero Fighter/Aero Fighters Special have all been upgraded and look great!
  •  Big thanks to Bryan MacLeod Armitage of Paradise Arcade Shop, Troy Smith, and Andrew L. Cox, for their generosity and effort in donating this Steel Gunner cabinet to the arcade!


Chris Plachy DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Mercs
Chris Plachy DEFENDED Eddie Perez Dragon’s Lair



Sunday, October 22nd:

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Last Week in Review: October 9th to October 15th

Monday, October 9th:

  • Amidar added to the arcade floor


Tuesday, October 10th:

  • We now stock Sprecher cherry cola and cream soda at the front counter


Wednesday, October 11th:


Thursday, October 12th:


Friday, October 13th:

  • Big thanks to Scott Lambert, our friend from Underground Retrocade for stopping by to cheer on Kelly Tharp during his Mouse Trap Marathon! We also presented him the commemorative plaque for being a part of the Quad-cade!
  • Doc Mack was at Pinball Expo talking about how the Galloping Ghost Arcade opened and how to open arcades in today’s market.
  • Kelly Tharp set the Aurcade High Score in Mouse Trap: 52,526,880


Saturday, October 14th:


Sunday, October 15th:


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Last Week in Review: October 2nd to October 8th

Monday, October 2nd:

  • Steel Gunner 2 added to the arcade floor


Champion Result Challenger Game
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Mases Hagopian Alien Syndrome
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Peter Gorz Ghouls N Ghosts



Wednesday, October 4th:

  • Galloping Ghost Arcade mentioned in the Brookfield Connected booklet
  • Mentioned in the 2017 Riverside-Brookfield Landmark Answer Book
  • Made the front page of Landmark last week with a 3 page write up.


Thursday, October 5th:

  • Liz Malecki, (Sonya Blade in the original Mortal Kombat) was at the arcade signing posters to be given away to people who donate to her running for Team World Vision at the Chicago Marathon


Friday, October 6th:

  • Cabinet Upgrade: Devastators moved from a 2 in 1 to it’s own original dedicated cabinet

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