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Last Week in Review: February 20th to February 26th

Monday, February 20th:

  • Last Resort added to the arcade floor.
Saga of the Hardcore Belt
Champion Result Challenger Game
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Tim Vanderkolk Freeze
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Mike McCarthy BeachHead 2000
Mases Hagopian LOST Brian Kita DragonBall Z
Brian Kita DEFENDED Tim Vanderkolk 720
Brian Kita DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Fallen Angels
Brian Kita LOST John Ocampo Meal Slug 4
John Ocampo LOST Tim Vanderkolk Aero Fighters 2
Tim Vanderkolk DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Venture

Wednesday, February 22nd:

Thursday, February 23rd:

  • Gauntlet cabinet restored


  • Our Friends at Prince Arcades put up this slick video on how they create replica arcade cabinets


  • Galloping Ghost Arcade was listed as one of 15 of the most Unusual Attractions in IllinoisĀ by Best of Illinois

Friday, February 24th:

  • Ironclad added to the arcade floor
  • Tom Nieter set the Aurcade World Record in Ganryu: 101,900
  • Pete Hahn set the Aurcade World Record in Last Resort: 406,400

Saturday, February 25th:

Saga of the Hardcore Belt
Champion Result Challenger Game
Tim Vanderkolk LOST Marco Gorajski King of Fighters ’96
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED John Ocampo NBA Jam
Marco Gorajski LOST George Gaynor Choplifter
George Gaynor LOST Brian Kita Contactee
Brian Kita DEFENDED Kevin Williamson Silk Worm
Brian Kita DEFENDED Tim Vanderkolk Quartet
Brian Kita DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Ninja Baseball Batman
Brian Kita DEFENDED Mike Ocampo Street Fighter The Movie
Brian Kita DEFENDED William Ocampo Phelios
Brian Kita DEFENDED John Ocampo Solar Assault
Brian Kita DEFENDED Marco Gorajski Magical Drop II
Brian Kita DEFENDED Frank NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
Brian Kita DEFENDED Miguel Ochoa Toki
Brian Kita DEFENDED Jesse Martinez World Heroes
Brian Kita LOST Juan Mena KOF 12
Juan Mena LOST George Gaynor Time Killers
George Gaynor DEFENDED Miguel Ochoa Mission Craft
George Gaynor DEFENDED Jesse Martinez ProGear
George Gaynor DEFENDED Tim Vanderkolk Crusin USA
George Gaynor LOST Duc Dang Legendary Wings
Duc Dang LOST Sean Quigley World Heroes 2
Sean Quigley DEFENDED Catherine Bozzi Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa
Sean Quigley DEFENDED John Ocampo Altered Beast
Sean Quigley DEFENDED Jessie Martinez Aliens
Sean Quigley LOST Simon Parmaxides Atomic Punk 2
Simon Parmaxides LOST Brian Kita Time Pilot 84
Brian Kita DEFENDED George Gaynor Gondomania
Brian Kita LOST Mike McCarthy Night Slashers
Mike McCarthy LOST John Ocampo Jackal
John Ocampo DEFENDED Joe Penington Samurai Shodown V
John Ocampo DEFENDED Mike Ocampo War Gods
John Ocampo DEFENDED Nathan OCampo Knights of The Round
John Ocampo DEFENDED Jeff Pennington Jail Break
John Ocampo DEFENDED George Gaynor Virtual Fighter 2
John Ocampo LOST Jeremy Pennington Captain Commando
Jeremy Pennington LOST Brian Kita Kangaroo
Brian Kita DEFENDED Seth Young Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder
Brian Kita DEFENDED Catherine Bozzi Rastan
Brian Kita DEFENDED Joe Penington Turbo
Brian Kita DEFENDED Jeff Pennington Tekken 3
Brian Kita LOST Duc Dang Alcon
Duc Dang DEFENDED Danielle Robbins Gain Ground
Duc Dang DEFENDED Kevin Williamson Aero Fighters 2
Duc Dang DEFENDED John Ocampo Mr. Do


Sunday, February 26th:

Saga of the Hardcore Belt
Champion Result Challenger Game
Duc Dang LOST Catherine Bozzi Time Traveler
Catherine Bozzi DEFENDED Sargent Santiago Zaxxon
Catherine Bozzi LOST Joe Penington Cyberball
Joe Penington LOST Jeff Penington King of Fighters 95
Jeff Penington DEFENDED Sargent Santiago Fatal Fury 3
Jeff Penington DEFENDED Hailey King Salamender 2

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