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Last Week in Review: January 30th to February 5th

Monday, January 30th:

  • Roc’n Rope added to the arcade floor


Mases Hagopian DEFENDED DJ Thorpe Rally-X
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Pit-Fighter
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Tom Nieter SegaSonic The Hedgehog
Mases Hagopian LOST Jamie Tibbetts Bomb Jack
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Circus Charlie
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Erik Kim Robotron:2084
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Tom Nieter The Pit
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Brian Lomedico Edward Randy: The Cliffhanger
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Peter Gorz Double Dragon (Neo Geo)
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED DJ Thorpe Ikaruga
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Geoff Lucas Super Hang-On
Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Seth Young Atomic Punk 2
Jamie Tibbetts LOST Bryan Schillo Double Dragon 2
Bryan Schillo LOST Mike McCarthy BluePrint
Mike McCarthy LOST Peter Gorz Power Drive
Peter Gorz DEFENDED Geoff Lucas Operation Thunderbolt
Peter Gorz DEFENDED Bryan Schillo Cyberball
Peter Gorz DEFENDED Mases Hagopian Turbo
Peter Gorz DEFENDED Tom Neiter Stratovox

Tuesday, January 31st:

Thursday, February 2nd:

  • A very special thanks to Gamer of the Year Peter Gorz for figuring out how to copy replacement 3.5 Diskettes for Sega System 24 games

Friday, February 3rd:

  • Primal Rage upgrade with a rare new PCB of the 2.3J build. The final version of Primal Rage released in Japan only. Including unique controlsĀ and exclusive characters.
  • Magic Sword Cabinet upgraded into an original dedicated cabinet


  • Seth Young set the Aurcade World Record in Death Race: 41
  • James White set the Aurcade High Score in Future Spy: 88,600

Saturday, February 4th:

Peter Gorz DEFENDED Seth Young Circus Charlie
Peter Gorz LOST James White Breakers Revenge
James White DEFENDED Chris Broderick Marble Madness
James White LOST Steven Lucas Rolling Thunder
Steven Lucas DEFENDED Tim Foley Interstellar
Steven Lucas DEFENDED Pete Gorz Arkanoid 2 Revenge of Doh
Steven Lucas DEFENDED MacEntire Super Cobra
Steven Lucas LOST James White Xenophobe
James White DEFENDED Chris Broderick Gain Ground
James White DEFENDED Marco Gorajski Viewpoint
James White LOST Tim Broderick Power Drive
Tim Broderick DEFENDED Mike McCarthy UFO Robo Dangar
Tim Broderick LOST Mases Hagopian Satan’s Hallow
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Marco Gorajski Popeye
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED John O Campo Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Chris Broderick Samurai Shodown IV
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Metal Slug 4
Mases Hagopian LOST Nathan OCampo International Team laser
Nathan OCampo LOST Chris Broderick Punisher
Chris Broderick LOST Tim Broderick Shadow Dancer
Tim Broderick DEFENDED Steven Lucas Guardians of the Hood
Tim Broderick LOST Marco Gorajski BattleToads
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Gun Survivor 2
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED Jeff Smalls SPACE Invaders
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED John O Campo Vendetta
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED William O Campo 1942
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED Eric Lunar Lander
Marco Gorajski LOST Mases Hagopian Bloxeed
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED William O Campo Bio Freaks
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Jeff Smalls Shock Troopers
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Michael O Campo Stargate
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED John O Campo Night Striker
Mases Hagopian LOST Larry White Samurai Showdown
Larry White LOST Steven Lucas Super Contra
Steven Lucas DEFENDED Jose Alvarez Milipede
Steven Lucas DEFENDED William O Campo Dragon’s Lair 2
Steven Lucas DEFENDED Michael O Campo Double Dragon
Steven Lucas DEFENDED John O Campo Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting
Steven Lucas LOST Marco Gorajski Midnight Resistance
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED Jose Alvarez Alien Storm
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED Catherine Bozzi Rumble Fish 2
Marco Gorajski DEFENDED Michael O Campo Street Fighter 3
Marco Gorajski LOST Nathan OCampo Bonks Adventure
Nathan OCampo DEFENDED Zack Fagan Sunset Riders
Nathan OCampo DEFENDED Michael O Campo Tekken 3
Nathan OCampo LOST Jose Alvarez Raystorm
Jose Alvarez DEFENDED John O Campo Elevator Action 2
Jose Alvarez LOST Mases Hagopian P47 Phantom Fighter
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Steven Lucas Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3



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