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Team GGA Smash 4

John “GGA.NiTe” Chan

Hey there! I’m NiTe, Chicago’s best Rosalina player. I’m the youngest member of the Galloping Ghost Arcade crew and also the first to be part of the Smash Bros team. Super Smash Bros is the first game I’ve played competitively. I joined the scene November 2014, and I’ve become a top 10 player in Chicago. I may not travel as much as my other GGA members, but when I do I place well in tournaments. The best I’ve ever played was at Combo Breaker, placing 3rd which I also got the honor to play ZeRo (the best player in the world) in Winners Finals. I’m working on trying to become the best Rosalina in the Midwest, and soon I’ll be able to travel as much as my fellow GGA crew.

Notable performances:

3rd – Combo Breaker – Des Plaines, IL – May 2015

4th – Youmacon 2015 – Detroit, MI – October, 2015

3rd – Save the Space Animals – South Bend, IN – November, 2015


Dan “GGA.Dan” Pasqua

My name is Dan and I am a top Chicago player who mains Mario. Smash 4 is the second game I’ve played competitively. Prior to Smash, I played League of Legends. I joined the Smash scene back in November, 2014 when the game first came out, and I have been a Mario main since. I love to travel and hang out with my GGA teammates. I couldn’t do it without them because of the motivation and support they provide. I’ve come a long way since the game first came out, and do not plan on stopping until I am considered the best Mario player of all. Follow me on Twitter @SSB_DAN

Notable performances:

5th – E2C 19 – Chicago, IL – October, 2015

2nd – Kings of the North 4 – Brookfield, WI – November, 2015

2nd – Save the Space Animals – South Bend, IN – November, 2015


Christopher “GGA.Demitus” Manzo

Hello! My tag is Demitus and I’m a Smash 4 Captain Falcon main. I started playing Smash 4 competitively around late January, and since then I have become a top 10 player in the Chicagoland area. I have a few notable out of state results, and I also place consistently well in local weekly and monthly tournaments. Playing Smash 4 competitively has given me the opportunity to be a part of a great community as well as being a proud member of Team GGA. Follow me on Twitter @demitustouch

Notable performances:

17th – Big House 5 – Dearborn, MI – October, 2015

23rd – MLG – New Orleans, LA – October, 2015

4th – E2C 20 – Chicago, IL – November, 2015


Benjamin “GGA.JJROCKETS” Rowe

Hello friends! I am JJROCKETS and I play Diddy Kong. Competitive gaming began for me in 2009 with Super Smash Bros Brawl, and I have been playing Smash 4 since its release in November. Currently I am ranked #2 on the official Chicago power rankings. My favorite thing about playing Smash competitively is that it gives me an opportunity to travel the country and meet people from all over that share the same love for the game that I do. Through my travels I’ve competed in ten different states. One day I hope to become known as the best player in the entire Midwest. Follow me on Twitter @JJROCKETS, read my tournament thoughts and updates at JJROCKETS.com, or check out my channel on Twitch.

Notable Performances:

1st – E2C 11 – Chicago, IL – January, 2015

1st – SMYM 16 – Champaign, IL – August, 2015

2nd – Roll Tier 6 – Omaha, NE – November, 2015

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