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    Hey everyone! I just realized GGA doesn’t have Dungeon Magic! This may be a little more feasible in the short term than my original request of Virtua Racing 2-player twin-cab x 4 (For the full 8-player networked version)

    If you haven’t heard of or played this game, you should definitely check it out. For me at least, it felt like it brought the same enjoyment as the D&D Tower of Doom arcade. Great medieval beat-em’-up, with vibrant graphics and a ton of neat exploration. (Googling the game will bring lots of great screenshots, but I wasn’t able to find any pictures of an original cabinet…) Unfortunately, I’ve only been lucky enough to play an emulation of it… never in an original arcade cabinet. 🙁

    So that brings me to starting this topic. To the GGA staff: Do you potentially have this game as a work in progress in the back room maybe? Or perhaps there are plans to actively source it? And if so, once repaired – would it be a small enough cabinet to place given the current floor plan of the building? I’m extremely excited to see what the status of this game’s acquisition and placement is…

    So tell us all what you think of this gem, folks. Have you played it? Maybe even seen the cabinet in person? Do you know somewhere GGA could find it and add it to the wondrous library that is their arcade? Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated! 😀

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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