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    First off, congrats on the upcoming expansion! I’m really looking forward to what you guys will do. Keep up the great work you guys are awesome!

    Now I just saw your guys new video of the updated walk through and I noticed that there wasn’t F-14 Tomcat, Pinbot, and Black Knight. Im just wondering, did you guys get rid of them or just moved them for now? I really hope you guys kept them because I only played pinbot once there but the 2 times Ive been there, Tomcat and Black Knight were down. I was looking forward to hopefully play them soon.

    Also for your upcoming expansion, will you guys add more pinball machines? I think it would be tremendous to add a few more to the floor. For example, Aadams Family, Black Hole, Scared Stiff, Firepower, Monster Bash, Haunted House, and plenty of more. Or rare ones such as Big Shot, Safe Cracker, or maybe even Goin Nuts (but that would be almost impossible to find). I really think there should be more pinball machines, especially when you add some space too. But I do get that they are harder to keep running, they’re huge, and its harder to move around. Otherwise, great job guys, I hope I can go back there soon, and good luck!



    Sorry for not responding sooner!

    We currently have 6 pins available for all to play at any time in one of our newer areas: 1)Freddy:A Nightmare on Elm Street, 2)Twilight Zone, 3)Funhouse, 4)Space Invaders, 5)Gorgar and 6)Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    Doc (the owner) is always asked about pins, and this is a common topic in our podcast, as well. We are often asked to increase the number of pins, and while this may be possible in the future after we expand further, I couldn’t tell you when this would happen.



    No that’s ok but I definitely get that but either way I am very excited for the future of the arcade. thanks for the reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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