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    I came in last month or so and played Magical Drop 2. The record that was posted here said it was the galloping ghost record and the world record. I destroyed that old record and when the listing was updated, I was put down as only being the galloping ghost record holder. When I asked the staff there why it wasn’t a world record, I was told that Twin Galaxies arcade posted a high score of 999,999. And my record was 152,000 or something like that. I didn’t think that it was even possible to score that high as what Twin Galaxies claims.

    I then looked at their website and they do in fact have that score listed, with one MAJOR issue. Right next to the name it says “Magical Drop II (M.A.M.E.)”. And for those who computer game may recognize MAME as the NeoGeo Emulator on PC.

    I am curious how that can be considered a world record when it’s played on a PC Emulator (which can VERY VERY EASILY be modified in a number of ways). I have NeoGeo emulators at home and you can do just about anything to make it so you can’t lose and get whatever scores you want.

    I’ve been kinda obsessing over this high score thing lately…… Can someone please help me out here and let me know if there is an actually verifiable arcade machine record that beats me record? Also if not, how can I go about showing the Galloping Ghost staff how the Twin Galaxies record shouldn’t be considered official at all.

    Thank you.



    Hey, sorry we haven’t responded sooner. It looks like there unfortunately is an arcade world record for Magical Drop II for the arcade:

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    I’m confused by the picture though. The way I was told and the way my record is posted is by playing on “Puzzle Mode” The rules say they used something with VS and a CPU element. Also that they were playing on “Level 4”. When you start the game on puzzle mode you can either select “Normal” or “Hard” and there isn’t a spot that lets you select any type of level.

    I’m almost positive that the record is on some other mode or maybe even the wrong magical drop game.



    Well, you’re free to take a look yourself on the twin galaxies page:


    Select “arcade” from the dropdown for platform, then type in “magical” in the search game field. The level 4 is an operator-selected difficulty level that is set through the neo-geo’s test menu. The “normal” and “hard” modes in the game are both allowed, the rules on Twin Galaxies and Aurcade state you can select either for your scoring attempt. There is also a scoring track for puzzle mode on Twin Galaxies, with the top score of over 1 million:

    this mode looks like the mode aurcade tracks, which your score is on, I think:


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