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    First off, I have to say after wanting to go for so long, I finally went to the arcade last Sunday and I was in heaven. I was in love with the place! My dad, brother, and myself had a blast! You guys are doing great and keep up the good work! So now, I have a few suggestions that I think would make the arcade even better for everyone. Get ready cause this may take a while. But it’s worth it. Thanks!
    1. POLE POSITION 2- The difference with the original pole position is that you can choose among 4 different tracks that are more challenging or easier than the one track on pole position. I even think there are cabinets where you can sit inside it and play Pole Position 2 as well.
    2. PAC-MANIA- a cool 3-D Pac-Man game where you can jump over the ghosts and I think its pretty rare to find the cabinet but if you guys can find it I believe it will be a gem for the place. Same thing for Pac & Pal.
    3. SKY KID- This game is awesome. You can shoot planes, bomb enemy ships, and good music too. But, it is very, very challenging. Which is why I love it
    4. MARIO KART DX- This is the one that you may see at Dave and Busters. This game is awesome. I know its huge, will take up a lot of space, it’s a new game, and it’s probably very expensive. But, this game will be very attractive and will probably be one of (if not the) most played game at your arcade. 4 player fun for everyone!. But, I mostly put this down because it will especially attract kids or those who don’t know much or just don’t care about the older, classic games.
    Honorable Mentions: New Rally-X, Pac & Pal, Space Invaders Deluxe, King & Balloon, MOTOS, Dig Dug 2, Tower of Druaga
    1.ADDAMS FAMILY- Every pinball fan probably knows about this one. It This one is a must have at every arcade w/pinball. I love it and it’s the most sold or most made, I can’t remember. But this one will attract everyone, guaranteed. It will look great next to Twilight Zone.
    2. BLACK HOLE – This one is my favorite. But, it’s also very popular. Its cool game play and theme is very attractive. Especially the small play field under the normal play field. It’s different from the others which will make it even better. Haunted House is very similar to it as well.
    3. SCARED STIFF- I think this one would be the best fit for the arcade. It’s fun, easy, great game play, it has everything.
    4. BIG SHOT- This sounds strange to have. But, this is a very popular mechanical machine from ’73 I believe. It’s probably hard to find. But I feel like it would be cool to have a mechanical one because its older, rare, different, and cool to have. Besides, the game is very easy to understand and play.
    5. STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION- Just think of all the people that will play this. Not only cause it’s a steve ritchie classic, it’s obviously a household name. People who aren’t familiar with certain pinball machines out there will look and see that there’s star trek and would want to play it. but mostly, this game is just awesome and eye catching.
    6. AC/DC- I feel like you guys should get a game from stern to even the big pinball names out but otherwise, who wouldn’t want to rock out on an AC/DC pinball machine. Ive heard good things things about it and it’s AC/DC.
    7. SOUTH PARK- Another household name that will bring people towards this machine. It’s fun, maybe a little dull, but I think it would be great for the arcade
    Honorable Mentions: Monster Bash, Pac Man, Circus Voltaire, NBA Fastbreak, Whirlwind, Medevil Madness, Bride of Pinbot, Theatre of Magic, Genie, Firepower
    Stuff like Skee Ball, Rod Hockey, Air Hockey, basketball shooting games, casual stuff like that. This would attract everyone especially those who may not have an interest in the classic games.



    I also will mention that for pinball games, stuff like TAXI,Diner, Junk Yard, Who Dunnit, Ripleys believe it or not, kiss, Terminator 2, Haunted House, or black knight 2000 would be some other cool games as well.



    would love to see the extreme rare find of safecracker

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