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    Hello everyone,

    I would just like to touch base on some monitors I saw in your cabinets on my last visit.

    Primarily the Street Fighter IV AE and Mortal Kombat X.

    I am just wondering if you guys would be able to give out any information on what is being used in those machines.
    On classic Jamma machines, the CRT monitors are just authentic and classic that it’s part of the whole nostalgic experience but as the times have change, so has technology.

    Also curious if those newer monitors is a custom build or is this the “what to expect” from newer machines.


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    Not sure if this is right for the Mortal Kombat X machine, but someone mentioned to me about the Asus LED gaming monitor with a 1 ms delay.

    The games look really sharp on the monitor and figures even with Street Fighter IV, it would make the game look better than a standard LCD monitor.

    Just a guess, but I still need to hear back on how the monitor worked out.


    Mike Bryant

    I curious about their approach to monitor replacement. I asked if they had considered using LCD monitors. Early on they did try to use LCD monitors but later preferred to use original monitors for a more authentic feel. While I can certainly appreciate making games as authentic as possible, some of the monitors in the arcade are very badly faded or burnt. In those cases, I hope they do consider switching to LCD if they cannot get a CRT in reasonable shape.


    Eduardo Perez

    In regards to @schizm‘s questions of monitors, newer custom cabinets such as Mortal Kombat X, Killer Instinct 2013 are mounted with an LCD monitor in order to bring out the clarity from the games themselves. However as of lately we have removed a majority of our custom cabinets and have opted for games with arcade boards/ carts/ hard drives for the true authentic experience which means that most of our cabinets here have CRT’s inside of them.

    Of course some of our newer age games like Mario Kart GP, Metal Gear Solid Arcade, and Silent Hill have LCD screens as this is thew new standard



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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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