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    Xero Bronko

    Ive made two multi-day trips to the arcade so far and was astounded. What an incredible place. I plan on going to Brookfield several more times this year for 4-7 days at a time just to come up and play at the arcade.
    The place is amazing and has a huge array of games, but I’m about to list a few more I think Galloping Ghost could use.
    Two major themes here, Universal, and the Cold War.

    Galloping Ghost has Mr Do and Ladybug, but I think thats all the Universal games they have, which is a real shame because in my eyes Universal made the most beautiful arcade cabinets among all the arcade companies, big and small alike. It would be a striking sight to walk into Galloping Ghost and see a row of Universal cabs in the same way you have a Nintendo row and other themed rows. A few Universal games to consider:
    Jumping Jack
    Mr Do’s Wild Ride
    Cosmic Monsters
    Cosmic Guerilla
    Cosmic Alien
    Space Panic
    Cosmic Avenger
    Snap Jack
    Do! Run Run
    I dont really care which Universal games are chosen, I just think a Universal row in the arcade would look magnificent.

    As for my other suggestions, im a bit of a Cold War buff and would like to have a personal arcade thats cold war themed. Here are some on my list that Galloping Ghost is missing in their lineup.

    -)Red Alert – Made by Irem in 1981, this game was one of the first to have a voice in the game, and is a cross between Missile Command, Astro Fighter and Satans Hollow

    -)SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) Another Cold War themed game, this unique and obscure gem produced by SEGA in 1987 uses both a trackball and a joystick, the latter of which has a fire button on the top of it. Its also a 2 player cabinet, so it actually has two trackballs and two of those joysticks on the control panel.

    -)Atari Missile Command Cockpit – My personal Holy Grail arcade game. I know GG has the SEGA version of Missile Command, but from a gameplay POV they are like night and day because of the different sized trackballs. As long as GG only has a SEGA Missile Command they will never have any high level Missile Command scores achieved in their arcade. The large trackball found in the Atari cabs make a huge difference.

    -)Vec9 – Though Ive never had the chance to play it, this appropriately themed 3d Vector game looks INCREDIBLE. If your not familiar with it, check it out after leaving this forum at http://vec9.com/

    Thats all for the Universal and Cold War games, but here’s a couple random others that didnt fit in either of those categories.
    -)Fast & Furious SuperCars
    -)a Fix-It-Felix for the Nintendo row
    -)some gun games like Point Blank 1/2, Target Terror, Zero Point, etc

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