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Galloping Ghost Arcade: Expansion Operations Over Time


With your help and support, the Galloping Ghost Arcade has grown considerably in the past 5 years. We thank everyone so much for entrusting us to make this place even better. We raised $28,000 for our first set of expansions and immediately got to work improving the arcade.

Here’s a look at what we’ve done so far:

  • We added three new sections that allowed us to bring 60+ games from our expansion area over to the main arcade floor. This included bringing over our much requested pinball machines to the main floor.
  • We added over 30 new and rare arcade titles to the arcade for all to enjoy, which has put us at >480 arcade games.
  • Many arcade cabinets were restored or exchanged for dedicated arcade cabinets.
  • Our console tournament area has grown into an even better place to train, and our improved streams have made it so everyone can enjoy and take part every week.
  • We improved our streaming and camera set ups for our high score and world record players.
  • We’ve run countless events from tournaments to industry celebrity meet and greets.


We are still growing and need to expand even more. We are relaunching our fundraiser campaign, and your help would again be really appreciated. We still want and need to get the middle building. Obtaining the middle building would allow us to get another 200+ arcade games. We already have the next 120 arcade boards already and just need space to put them into cabinets!

We hope everyone has enjoyed the progress so far in making the Galloping Ghost Arcade the ultimate gaming utopia and hope that with your help we can complete the vision we have for the arcade.

Thank you, and we look forward to making our fifth year our biggest and best yet! 



Operation: One Small Step and Operation: Event Horizon


The above image to the left is the soon to be GALLOPING GHOST ARCADE. Operation: One Small Step is underway and will be completed in early 2016.

The image on the right is the not too distant future of the arcade. Operation: Event Horizon will be the largest expansion operation undertaken here. This expansion will allow for a major increase in games as well as a larger tournament room and much more. With your help, we plan on starting Operation : Event Horizon in 2016.

We aren’t done, though. We have many more plans.


Operation: One Small Step (FUNDED)

Starting in late 2015, Operation: One Small Step sets out as the first of the new expansion operations.
AirChef will be moving to the current arcade tournament room. This will allow the arcade to expand into the front of the building to the west. The new space will allow all of the games we have stored in the production offices to be added to the arcade floor, as well as many of the arcade boards we have been collecting. Operation: One Small Step does have one draw back, to allow for expansion of the main arcade floor, the tournament room will be condensed into the small area outside of the main production offices. We will still maintain the weekly events, but with a smaller scope.

Operation: Event Horizon – Phase 1 & 2

Sometime in 2016, Operation: Event Horizon will be set forth, to allow Galloping Ghost Arcade full use of the block.
This is the largest operation seen by the arcade. First of the many steps will be to move Galloping Ghost Productions to new main offices, separating the offices from the arcade. This new space will allow the entire front of the productions area to be converted to all arcade, allowing the entire business front of the block to be Galloping Ghost Arcade. Known to very few people there is a garage on the west end of the block.

To solve the problem of not having a tournament area, there will be a second part to Operation Event Horizon. This part of the expansion will add even more space to the arcade floor and open up a large area in the back of the west garage for the new tournament area. hen Operation: Event Horizon is completed the arcade floor will have more than doubled in size.

Expansion Goals and Accomplishments

Click here to see the list of games we’re looking to get, and see what we’ve already gotten with help from you.
–  We will get the third party room area, that will need a full build out.  Its about 20 x 20 room, that we will be able to convert to hold another 20 games.  We will initially make that the new PINBALL AREA in there to to allow for full time access! DONE!
–  With such an incredible fighting community in the Midwest, we will also improve our fighting scene.  We will convert the old pinball area back of the garage area to a new tournament fighting area.  Players will be able to have streamed match ups and all the time are regulation quality set ups!
– We will do renovation to maximize the space within the arcade.  Some walls will be moved and our back room shortened to create more space for many new arcade games. DONE!
–  Our big expansion will consist of moving our neighbors and merging all three buildings! And now the fourth building, The Garage. This will add room for HUNDREDS of new arcade and pinball machines!  We are already the largest arcade in the US and possibly the world but there are still so many more games to have here.
– Also we will be bringing on more staff, making sure ALL games are fixed and playing great. DONE!


How to Donate

Every dollar donated through the Fundraiser will go directly to making improvements to the arcade and making the expansion happen!

Every amount helps, whether its $1, $5, $30, $1,500, or more! It will take the help of everyone to get us to our goals.  We all want to make the Galloping Ghost Arcade the best it can be. With a lot of hard work and your help with donations, it will be an arcade unlike anyone has ever experienced. We appreciate any amount you can put towards helping us reach our goals of making an already amazing arcade a true gaming utopia.

Donations can be made in person at the arcade with Cash, Check, or Credit Card.  This method is the most efficient as there are no money transfer fees.

You can also donate through PayPal using the button below.