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    Hello everyone –

    First and foremost I want to say that I was absolutely blown away when I saw the walkthrough video for this arcade. My g/f and I are planning a visit to Chicago as soon as we can. I cannot express how happy I am to see such an extraordinary tribute to arcade gaming!

    That being said, I know this site is new and I thought it would be cool to start a thread where the community and the official management of GGA can discuss the future floor plans, expansion ideas, etc. with those who are interested. I’m actually surprised this wasn’t a topic already. 😉

    I know Doc and the others have expressed the impulse to expand into the adjoining building, and even create a second floor. What I’m curious about is, what exactly would that second floor expansion look like? (And let me come right out and say if I was a millionaire I’d front the money for this expansion over in a heartbeat) But would it take a million dollars to create that dream? Or are the GGA staff halfway there already? Is there something we as a community can do to help specifically? Hopefully in this thread we can put all of it together…

    Alright good folks of the internet, let’s hear your ideas and input! 😀


    Dan Iacovelli

    during the first fundraiser, my initial plan was to donate 20k if they reached 80k from their goal(I have the money saved from work plus money from aunts inheritance) sadly it didn’t come to that. but I did donate 2500.
    I don’t think a million dollars is needed,plus that would make that person majority owner over doc.
    based on first fundraiser I think 100k to take out the middle store to join all three and prob and extra 70k to have an up stairs
    arcade(they might have to close the place to do some work to add it) thats my thoughts.




    Thanks very much for the update –

    I sincerely wish I had that kind of money to donate. And definitely if the arcade required closing I’d take vacation from work here in St. Louis just to come up and add a helping hand. For soooooooooooooo long I have searched for a tribute to arcade gaming like what GGA stands for. I’ll do anything I can (first keeping a roof over my head of course) to help ensure that GGA stands for the next 100 years! (At least :D)

    I would LOVE to hear some official figures or ideas at least from the GGA staff on this topic. I know there were plans for opening the place up for PC gaming and other avenues as well… but how is that projected to affect the arcade and business as a whole? What take does the general arcade-going populace have on this idea? I’m sure Doc and the others would love to hear your input on this stuff as well…

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    I love seeing people excited about arcade games especially old ones.
    watching the last expansion was great! when is another happening? Is this being talked about somewhere i am missing?



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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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