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Last Week in Review: August 14th to August 20th

Monday, August 14th:

  • Crash added to the Arcade Floor
  • Mases Hagopian set the Aurcade High Score in CyberBall 2072: 7
  • Justin Kvithyll set the Aurcade World Record in Mystic Warriors: 431,710
  • Justin Kvithyll  set the Aurcade World Record in Rabbit Punch: 1,404,800
  • Justin Kvithyll  set the Aurcade World Record in Shock Troopers: 11,520,300
  • Jamie Tibbetts set the Aurcade World Record in Solar Warrior (Xain’d Sleena): 530,980


Tuesday, August 15th:

  • Kombat Kon is around the corner. Thanks to Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage, Scorpian, Sub Zero, Reptile) and Anthony Marquez (Kung Lao) for visiting as we set up more and more details and events. Tickets are still on sale at kombatkon.com.

Wednesday, August 16th:

Thursday, August 17th:

  • Trivia Thrusday!
    • Question 1: Name 5 sit-down games currently on the floor of the arcade:
      • We would have accepted any of the following: Galaxy Force 2, F-Zero AX, Cruis’n USA, ThunderBlade, Sinistar, Star Wars Arcade, Mario Kart, Sega Strike Fighter, Initial D, After Burner, Crazy Taxi, Hydro Thunder, Lucky & Wild, Star Wars Racer, Star Wars (Sega), Hyper Drive, Rad Mobile, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, Solar Assault, Space Harrier, Metal Gear Arcade, Stun Runner, or Omega Race.
      • Jim Sikma was the first to respond with 5 acceptable choices.
    • Question 2: Which gamer won the very first Monday Mystery Game mini-tournament? (bonus point if you know what the game was!):
      • The correct answer is Bryan Schillo who won on MIA – Missing in Action, the follow-up to Konami’s Rush ‘N Attack.
      • Jamie Tibbetts was the first to respond with the correct answer. He also got the extra credit bonus point,

Friday, August 18th:

  • We added our Three Stooges poster above our Jeffrey Lee / Gottlieb section
  • Now displaying  the photos of the incredibly talented and amazing developers and industry people that have created some of the absolute best arcade games of all time.

Saturday, August 19th:

Sunday, August 20th: