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Last Week in Review: February 15th to February 21st

Monday, February 15th:

  • Truxton II added to the arcade floor.
  • New Episode of the Galloping Ghost Arcade Podcast.

Wednesday, February 17th:

  • Erik Kim sets a new World Record score in 980 in Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder.

Friday, February 19th:

  • New Galloping Ghost Arcade app announced on live stream! Details soon.
  • Peter Gorz sets a new Aurcade House Record score of 267,660 in Interstellar.
  • James White sets a new World Record score of 6,220, 600 in Forgotten Worlds.

Saturday, February 20th:

  • GGA’s Smash 4 team at Landlocked in Indiana! GGA|JJROCKETS & GGA|Demitus got fifth in doubles, GGA|NiTe & GGA|Dan got fourth! Meanwhile in singles, GGA|JJROCKETS placed 25th, GGA|Dan placed 7th and GGA|NiTe and GGA|Demitus placed 5th!
  • Sean Quigley set a new Aurcade House Record score of 22,750 in Killer Instinct.

Sunday, February 21st:

  • GGA Weekley Smash Results!
    • In Singles: GGA Dan in first, UR Ned in second, and GGA JJRockets in third.
    • In Doubles: GGA Dan + GGA JJRockets in first, UR Ned + UR Greenbeast in second, and Bisi + 2Blu in third.
  • Nick Edgerton set a new World Record time of 3:30:080 on F-Zero AX’s Thunder Road track.
  • Peter Gorz set a new World Record score of 403,080 on Truxton 2.