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Last Week in Review: June 5th to June 11th

Monday, June 5th: 

  • Darius added to the arcade floor
  • Zaxxon and Super Zaxxon are now in separate cabinets


  • Raudel Cantu set that Aurcade World Record in Gradius III: 364,740
  • Chris Plachy set the Aurcade World Record in Metal Slug 4: 2,093,300
  • Chris Plachy set the Aurcade High Score in Reactor: 37,712


Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Jamie Tibbetts Street Fighter zero 2 Alpha
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Chris Plachy The Punisher


Tuesday, June 6th: 

  • Cabinet Upgrades
    • New monitors in Bomb Jack, Congo Bongo, and Judge Dread
    • New marquee in Hydro Thunder


Thursday, June 8th:

  • We found a new, seemingly undiscovered set of roms for the recently added game Q*Berts Qubes. The game plays horizontally instead of vertically. New art for the title screen and attract mode.  It was in a factory cabinet with all original art work, a horizontal monitor and it was on an original Gottlieb PCB. Hopefully we will have more information on it in the future


  • TRIVIA THURSDAY: Be the first to answer trivia about the arcade and arcade history for a prize!
    • Q: Who won the first T20?
      • A: Zerst won the first T20: Congrats to Tim Foley
    • Q: Name five, three player games that we have on the arcade floor?
      • A: Congrats to Geoff Lucas for his answer: Ghostbusters, 3 Stooges, Rampage, Xenophobe and Mercs. We also have Alien Storm, Power drive, Judge Dredd (prototype), Rampage World Tour, Moonwalker, Gain Ground, Hot Rod, Pit-Fighter, Rampart, Laser Ghost, Ironman Ivan Stewart’s Super Off Road, Sega Sonic The Hedgehog


Saturday, June 10th:

Sunday, June 11th: