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Last Week in Review: June 6th to June 12th

Monday, June 6th:

  • Marble Madness added to the arcade floor
  • Congratulations to Peter Gorz for winning the Monday Mystery Game 10X Champion Belt

Tuesday, June 7th:

Wednesday, June 8th:

Thursday, June 9th:

  • Phelios added to the arcade floor

Friday, June 10th:

  • Q*Bert Creator Jeff Lee touched up his autograph on the Q*Bert cabinet


Sunday, June 12th:

  • James White set the Aurcade World Record in Phelios: 122,490
  • Team GGA Smash Bros at Smash n’ Splash Tournament
    • GGA Dan and GGA Nite came in 3rd in Smash 4 Doubles
    • GGA JJRockets and GGA Demitus came in 5th in Smash 4 Doubles
    • GGA JJRockets came in 7th in Smash 4 singles.
  • Galloping Ghost Smash 4 Weekly Results
    • Singles
      • 1st: Ally (McMuffin)
      • 2nd: VH|RedPixel
      • 3rd: E2C|Rickels
    • Doubles
      • 1st: McMuffin + E2c|Rickles
      • 2nd: PiR|Seabass + Zeden
      • 3rd: Razor + VH|RedPixel