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Last Week in Review: November 27th to December 3rd

Monday, November 27th


Tom Nieter DEFENDED Jerimiah Smith VS. Super Mario Bros
Tom Nieter LOST Mases Hagopian Millipede
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Mike McCarthy Vampire Saviour
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Dan McCarthy G.I. Joe
Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Jamie Tibbetts Juno First


Tuesday, November 28th


Wednesday, November 29th

  • Major Cabinet Repairs. Thanks Seth Young!:
    • Cruis’n USA
    • NHL Open Ice
    • Mr. Viking


Thursday, November 30th

  • GGA is hosting a weekly Injustice 2 Tournament Season: Ghost Battle Series
    • This is a weekly double elimination trounament.
    • $5 gets you in the door, doors open at 7pm.
    • Tournament is streamed on our Twitch Channel


Friday, December 1st

  • Galloping Ghost Arcade and Dock Mack featured on Mancow on WLUP! It’s the first thing on the show, check it out!


Saturday, December 2nd:


Mases Hagopian DEFENDED Jason Hodges Espgaluda
Mases Hagopian LOST Tony Cupello Championship Sprint
Tony Cupello LOST Jeremy Campbell Metal Slug 5
Jeremy Campbell LOST Bill Pacoc Guardians of The Hood
Bill Pacoc LOST Will Herd Thunder Force AC
Will Herd DEFENDED Chris Broderick Ultra Street Fighter 4
Will Herd DEFENDED Daniel Astaroth Black Tiger
Will Herd DEFENDED Jason Hodges In The Hunt
Will Herd DEFENDED Sean Khurana NARC
Will Herd LOST Bill Pacoc Jungle King
Bill Pacoc DEFENDED Tony Cupello Aero Fighters
Bill Pacoc DEFENDED Jason Hodges VS. Super Mario Bros
Bill Pacoc DEFENDED Daniel Astaroth MegaMan Power Battles
Bill Pacoc LOST Andrew Worcster G.I. Joe
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Jason Hodges Road Runner
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Sean Khurana First Funky Fighter
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Jeremy Campbell Congo Bongo
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Angel Vasquez Raiden Fighters 2
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Bryan Berg Twin Eagle
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Tony Cupello Art of Fighting 2
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Mases Hagopian Bad Dudes
Andrew Worcster DEFENDED Will Herd Rolling Thunder
Andrew Worcster LOST Daniel Astaroth Progear
Daniel Astaroth LOST Jason Hodges Samurai Showdown 3
Jason Hodges DEFENDED Jeremy Campbell U.N. Squardron
Jason Hodges LOST Catherine Bozzi Pepper II
Catherine Bozzi LOST Mases Hagopian Ninja Warriors


Sunday, December 3rd: