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Last Week in Review: November 6th to November 12th

Monday, November 6th:

  • Gunblade NY (Sega 1996) added to the arcade floor



Tuesday, November 7th:

  • In a TatTuesday event, we reveal the never released Tattoo Assassins (Data East 1996) to the arcade floor! Follow the story of the hunt for this incredibly ambitious fighting game here!


Wednesday, November 8th:


Thursday, November 9th:

  • New Limited Edition issue of Little Player Magazine available at the front counter


Saturday, November 11th:


Josh Herout DEFENDED Aiden Herout Castlevania the arcade
Josh Herout LOST James White Galaga ’88
James White DEFENDED Aiden Herout Darius
James White LOST Chaz Dickson NFL Blitz
Chaz Dickson LOST Josh Herout Mace the Dark Age
Josh Herout DEFENDED Nathan Ely Sky Shark
Josh Herout LOST Parker Solar Warrior
Parker LOST Aiden Herout Crater Raider
Aiden Herout LOST Josh Herout Jungle King
Josh Herout DEFENDED Chaz Dickson Magical Drop II
Josh Herout LOST Mariano Golden Axe The Duel
Mariano DEFENDED Ky Samurai Shodown IV
Mariando LOST Aidan Herout Turtles
Aidan Herout DEFENDED Ethan Ninja Gaiden
Aidan Herout DEFENDED Josh Herout Bagman
Aidan Herout DEFENDED Ky S.P.Y