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Last Week in Review: September 12th to September 18th

Monday, September 12th: 

  • Jamie Tibbetts set the Aurcade World Record in Hellfire: 445,850
  • Kangaroo added to the arcade floor.

Tuesday, September 13th:

Wednesday, September 14th:

  • Thanks to Jeff Lee who signed our light up QBert marquee

Thursday, September 15th:

  • Announcing for Kombat Kon: Tournaments for MK, MKII, UMK3, and MKX
    • Register for MKX in the tickets section. $10 to enter. (Standard Access Pass or VIP Pass Required)
    • MKX Tournament¬†at Noon on Saturday, November 19th.
    • MK, MKII and UMK3 tournaments will be held all weekend.
    • An Official $10 Buy-in UMK3¬†tournament will be held on Saturday, Registration will be at the venue.

Saturday, September 17th:

Sunday, September 18th: