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Sega Week, summed up by one of our regulars, Jamie Tibbets:

“Belated congratulations to Brian Kita for becoming the new Sultan of Segaby winning last week‘s Sega Week tournament!

He had some stiff competition from James White. The two went going back and forth all week. But Brian pulled ahead in the final straightaway.

There were also several new Aurcade records set during Sega Week:

* James White – Moonwalker – 190,980 pts.
* Peter Gorz – E-SWAT – 808,900 pts.
* Peter Gorz – Alien 3 – 5,311,000 pts.*
* Peter Gorz – SegaSonic – 1,389 pts.*
* Sean C. Quigley – Choplifter – 306,050 pts.
* Brian Kita – Super Hang-On – 23,412,310 pts.

(* Pete Gorz has since increased his SegaSonic score to 1,549, and Matt Rocco edged out Pete’s Alien 3 score with 5,363,000.)

This was definitely the most hotly-contested manufacturer’s tournament so far at GGA. It was great fun. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Tournament Results from Aurcade


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