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Monthly Archives: August 2018

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Last Week in Review: August 13th to August 19th

Monday, August 13th:


  • Cliff Hangar (Stern 1983) added to the arcade floor
  • Gamshara (Mitchell, 2002) added to the arcade floor




Tuesday, August 14th:


Wednesday, August 15th:

  • Announcing  Kombat Kon 2018!



Friday, August 17th:

  • Gamer of the Year James White streams Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom! With direct feed gameplay!

Watch Buck Rogers gameplay by James White, live from Galloping Ghost Arcade! from GallopingGhostArcade on www.twitch.tv


  • Arcade Industry Legends Eugene Jarvis (Robotron, Defender, NARC) and Mark Turmell (Smash TV, NBA Jam) visited the arcade!



Saturday, August 18th:


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Last Week in Review: August 6th to August 12th

Monday, August 6th:

  • Bio Ship Paladin (1990, American Sammy) added to the arcade floor:



Tuesday, August 7th:


Thursday, August 9th:

  • Cabinet Upgrade: The Cliffhangar Edward Randy has a brand new monitor!


Friday, August 10th:


  • T20, the biggest tournament of the year, kicks off! The following games are in the tournament. 14 never on the GGA Floor!:
    •  For the main T20 Tournament, the games are:- B. Rap Boys
      – Chicago 1929
      – Cliff Hanger
      – Colony 7
      – Crazy Climber 2
      – Dark Planet 3D
      – Dark Stalkers
      – Demolition Derby
      – Dragon Breed
      – Faster Harder More Challenging Q*Bert
      – Gamshara
      – Golly! Ghost!
      – Mach Breakers
      – Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey Mouse
      – Mister Viking
      – Polygonet Commanders
      – Space Bomber
      – TH Strikes Back
      – Tranquilizer Gun
      – Up’n Down
    • Data East Side Tournament
      – Boogie Wings
      – Edward Randy The Cliff Hanger
      – Night Slashers
      – Robocop 2
      – Super Burger Time




Saturday, August 11th:

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Last Week in Review: July 30th to August 5th

Monday, July 30th

  • Cabal (Fabtek, 1988) added to the arcade floor. Thanks to Jeremy Fox of Prince Arcades for grabbing it for us! Big thanks to Chris Blucher for bringing pizza for everyone at the reveal!



Jamie Tibbetts DEFENDED Chris Plachy Thunder Force AC
Jamie Tibbetts LOST Matt Burke Buck Rogers
Matt Burke LOST Geoff Lucas Metal Slug
Geoff Lucas DEFENDED Jamie Tibbetts Fighters History Dynamite
Geoff Lucas DEFENDED Chris Plachy APB
Geoff Lucas DEFENDED Joel Snavely Mouse Trap


Tuesday, July 31st

  • Doc Mack shows off how we set up arcade cabinets for direct feed recording!