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Monthly Archives: March 2016

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Last Week in Review: March 21st to March 27th

Monday, March 21st

  • Tim Broderick set the Aurcade World Record in Mace: The Dark Age: 5,386
  • Battle Garegga added to the arcade floor

Tuesday, March 22nd

Wednesday, March 23rd

  • Pulstar added to the arcade floor

Thursday, March 24th

Sunday, March 27th

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Pulstar now at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Developed by Aicom Co. Ltd and published by SNK in 1995, this side scrolling space shooter has you as one of the last hopes to push back an alien invasion that has destroyed half the solar system. Pulstar was one of the first games to heavily feature pre-rendered 3D graphics.




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Battle Garegga now at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Developed by Raizing in 1996, this vertical shoot ’em up has you flying experimental fighters against legions of Federation armed forces. Notable to this game is it’s support pods that orbit around your fighter, and you have control of their formation. Also it’s dynamic difficulty system that adjusts on the fly for constant challenge. The better you play, the harder it gets.


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The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy, now at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Released in 1990 from Data East, this side scrolling action-adventure has you controlling Edward Randy as he punches and whips his way across bi-planes, boats, trains, and trucks.

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Make Trax now at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Developed in 1981 by Alpha Denshi and published in North America by Williams, Make Trax is a maze game where you must paint the entire maze without being caught. Eventually, a creature or human will appear to “make tracks” on your fresh paint and they must be stopped to complete the level.


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Argus, a never released Gottlieb Prototype, now at Galloping Ghost Arcade, with custom cabinet art by Jeff Lee

Designed in 1982 by Gottlieb, Argus has you playing the role of a superhero protecting the city from assault from monsters, criminals, and supervillains, using a trackball to fly around the screen. The game was never released, making this a Galloping Ghost Arcade exclusive!


The cabinet art was custom made for Galloping Ghost Arcade by none other than Gottlieb’s legendary Jeff Lee, creator of Q*bert.


This is officially our 500th game at Galloping Ghost Arcade!

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Exterminator now at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Released from Gottlieb in 1989, Exterminator is a rare oddball of a game where you go from house to house, killing bugs with finger lasers or crushing them with your bare hands.


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Last Week in Review: March 14th to March 20th

Monday, March 14th

  • Jamie Tibbetts set the Aurcade World Record in Edward Randy: The Cliffhanger: 718,660.
  • Announced the 10x Championship Belt for whoever can achieve 10 top scores first from Monday events
  • Announced and presented the Gamer of the Year Championship Belt to Pete Hahn
  • The Monday Mystery Game, Make Trax, now at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Tuesday, March 15th


Thursday, March 17th

  • Duc Dang set the Aurcade High Score in Gun Smoke: 780,550
  • Alcon upgraded joystick and control panel

Friday, March 18th

  • Doc Mack set the Aurcade World Record in Skycurser: 2,149
  • Mases Hagopian set the Aurcade World Record in Truxton II: 421,540
  • Edward Randy: Cliffhanger fixed to allow 2 player.


Saturday, March 19th

  • Ian Choice set the Aurcade World Record in Rampart: 16,348


Sunday, March 20th

  • E2C|StarbasedFruit and UR|Ned won our weekly Super Smash Bros 4 Doubles Tournament
  • LLL|Mr.R won our weekly Super Smash Bros 4 Singles Tournament

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Last Week in Review: March 7th to March 13th

Monday, March 7th:

Tuesday, March 8th:

Wednesday, March 9th:

  • Games in the new expansion area now have Galloping Ghost Arcade App support.

Friday, March 11th:

Saturday, March 12th:

Sunday, March 13th:

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Bonk’s Adventure now at Galloping Ghost Arcade!

The arcade version of the TurboGrafx-16 classic, Bonk’s Adventure is quirky platformer where a bald little caveman headbutts his way through a surreal world.