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Monthly Archives: February 2016

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Black Widow now at Galloping Ghost Arcade!

Released from Atari in 1982, Black Widow is a vector graphics game where you play a spider defending their web from invading bugs.

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PAC-MANIA now at Galloping Ghost Arcade!

The 1987 entry into the Pac-Mac series is now at Galloping Ghost Arcade!

New to the series is the unique 3D maze style, jump button, and swarms of ghosts out to get Pac-Man!


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Last Week in Review: February 22nd to February 28th

Monday, February 22nd:

  • Pac-Mania added to the arcade floor
  • Black Widow added to the arcade floor.

Tuesday, February 23rd:

Wednesday, February 24th:

  • Congratulations to James White  for setting a new Aurcade High Score in Black Widow! 433,475.

Thursday, February 25th:

  • Congratulations to Doc Mack for setting a new Aurcade World Record in Super Street Fight IV: Arcade Edition. 1,122,900.
  • Congratulations to Chris Eckert for setting a new Aurcade High Score in Badlands. 16,860.

Friday, February 26th:

  • Kick is back up and running.
  • Q*bert artist and creator Jeffrey Lee  gave us a number of new Q*Bert art prints. They’ll be on display and have a limited number of them on sale very soon.

Saturday, February 27th:

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Truxton II now at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Truxton II is the 1992 sequel to Truxton, a vertical scrolling shoot em up published by Toaplan.

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Last Week in Review: February 15th to February 21st

Monday, February 15th:

  • Truxton II added to the arcade floor.
  • New Episode of the Galloping Ghost Arcade Podcast.

Wednesday, February 17th:

  • Erik Kim sets a new World Record score in 980 in Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder.

Friday, February 19th:

  • New Galloping Ghost Arcade app announced on live stream! Details soon.
  • Peter Gorz sets a new Aurcade House Record score of 267,660 in Interstellar.
  • James White sets a new World Record score of 6,220, 600 in Forgotten Worlds.

Saturday, February 20th:

  • GGA’s Smash 4 team at Landlocked in Indiana! GGA|JJROCKETS & GGA|Demitus got fifth in doubles, GGA|NiTe & GGA|Dan got fourth! Meanwhile in singles, GGA|JJROCKETS placed 25th, GGA|Dan placed 7th and GGA|NiTe and GGA|Demitus placed 5th!
  • Sean Quigley set a new Aurcade House Record score of 22,750 in Killer Instinct.

Sunday, February 21st:

  • GGA Weekley Smash Results!
    • In Singles: GGA Dan in first, UR Ned in second, and GGA JJRockets in third.
    • In Doubles: GGA Dan + GGA JJRockets in first, UR Ned + UR Greenbeast in second, and Bisi + 2Blu in third.
  • Nick Edgerton set a new World Record time of 3:30:080 on F-Zero AX’s Thunder Road track.
  • Peter Gorz set a new World Record score of 403,080 on Truxton 2.

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Death Race now at Galloping Ghost Arcade!

The infamous Death Race is now at Galloping Ghost Arcade! The 1976 classic had players driving around with the one goal of running over as many gremlins as possible.

Galloping Ghost Arcade is now one of the few places on earth you can see an original cabinet with it’s beautiful macabre art. Test drive a piece of history!

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Last Week in Review: February 8th to February 14th

Monday, February 8th:

  • Death Race added to the arcade floor

Friday, February 12th:

  • Galloping Ghost Arcade featured in Geek n’ Sundry’s 3 Video Games Arcades Still Rocking in 2016 
  • New Marquee for Pigskin 621 A.D.

Saturday, February 13th:

  • Crackdown monitor fixed.
  • GGA Smash Victories at Frostbite Smash 4 Doubles! GGA|Dan + GGA|NiTe  2nd and GGA|JJROCKETS + GGA|Demitus for getting 9th!
  • GGA|Dan, GGA|NiTe and GGA|JJROCKETS placed 9th and GGA|Demitus placed 13th out of 200 entrants at Frostbite Smash 4 Singles!

Sunday, February 14th:


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Red Baron now at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Red Baron is a 1980 Vector Flight Combat game from Atari. Similar to Battlezone, you must fly and fight to survive as long as you can.

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Last Week in Review: February 1st to February 7th

Monday, February 1st:

  • Red Baron added to the arcade floor.

Tuesday, February 2nd:

  • Tempest and Star Trek up and running.

Wednesday, February 3rd:

  • Lucky and Wild chair restored.
  • A new episode of Galloping Ghost Arcade Podcast!

Thursday, February 4th:

  • New Marquee for Smash TV


Saturday, February 6th:

  • Congrats to GGA|JJRockets + GGA|Demitus for taking first and  GGA|Dan + GGA|NiTe for taking second in doubles at Mashfest 2!

Sunday, February 7th:

  •  GGA|Dan, GGA|Demitus, GGA|Nite, take first, second, and third at our Smash Weekly singles!

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Last Week in Review: January 25th to January 31st

Monday, January 25th:

  • Peter Pack Rat added to the arcade floor.
  • We had Phillip Ahn, who played Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat II, and Arcade Collector Jason Burroughs visit!


Saturday, January 30th

  • We got Monster Bash back up and running!
  • We fixed up and tuned up our pinball machines! Back up and running!
  •  A new Galloping Ghost Arcade record! 798 admissions in one day! That’s the second time we shattered our record this year. Huge thanks to all of you for coming out!

Sunday, January 31st

  • Congrats to UR|Ned for winning our Galloping Ghost Smash 4 Weekly Tournament! UR|Greenbeast was second and GGA|Dan was third. Bracket
  • Congrats to GGA|Nite and JTWild for winning our Smash 4 Weekly Doubles Tournament! UR|Greenbeast and UR|Ned was second and GGA|JJRockets and GGA|Demitus was third. Bracket