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Last Week in Review: March 11th to March 17th

Monday, March 11th:

  • Carnival (Sega/Gremlin, 1980) added to the arcade floor as our 705th game.


  • Pete Hahn set the GGA House High Score in Ikari Warriors: 275,200
  • Peter Gorz set the GGA House High Score in Marble Madness: 108,830
  • Tom Christie won the GGA Hardcore Belt from Chris Plachy over a game of Bloxeed!


Tuesday, March 12th:


Thursday, March 14th:


Saturday, March 16th:

  • Big thanks to the Chicago Pinball League for coming out to Galloping Ghost Pinball!
  • Lyman Sheats, creator of Monster Bash Pinball, was at Galloping Ghost Pinball to play the deluxe version of Monster Bash!


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Last Week in Review: February 25th to March 3rd

Monday, February 25th:

  • Space Firebird (Nintendo/Sega/Gremlin, 1980) added to the arcade floor as our 703rd game



Tuesday, February 26th:


Thursday, February 28th:

  • Doc Mack was on the Mancow Show on WLS-AM 890! Follow the link to the episode


Friday, March 1st:



  • Doc Mack streamed live at the opening of Galloping Ghost’s Pinball expansion


Saturday, March 2nd:


Sunday, March 3rd:

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Last Week in Review: February 18th to February 24th

Monday, February 18th:

  • Side Arms – Hyper Dyne (Capcom/Romstar 1986) now on the arcade floor as our 703rd game!


  • Galloping Ghost will be at Midwest Gaming Classic! We will be bringing several rare arcade games and showing off the newest build of Dark Presence! Thanks to MGC’s co-founder Dan Loosen for stopping by the arcade.


Tuesday, February 19th: 


Thursday, February 21st:


Friday, February 22nd:

  • Announcing the Grand Opening of Galloping Ghost Pinball!


Saturday, February 23rd:


Sunday, February 24th:


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Last Week in Review: February 11th to February 17th

Monday, February 11th:

  • Pigout (Leland, 1990) added to the arcade floor. Our 702nd game, and a Galloping Ghost exclusive! Special thanks to GGA’s own Brandon Diaz for restoring the side art.


Tuesday, February 12th:

  • Galloping Ghost Arcade Winter Hats are back in stock! They sell out quickly so get them before they are gone!



Wednesday, February 13th:

  • Cabinet Upgrade: Power Drive gets an original glass marqueeThanks to Troy Smith for hooking us up with this one.



Thursday, February 14th:


Friday, February 15th:


Saturday, February 16th:

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Last Week in Review: January 21st to January 27th

Monday, January 21st:

  • 005 (Sega, 1981) added to the arcade floor


Tuesday, January 22nd:


Saturday, January 26th:


Sunday, January 27th:

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Last Week in Review: December 31st to January 6th

Monday, December 31st: 

  • Arm Champs II (Jaleco, 1992) added to the arcade floor
  • John Parrish (Jax in the Mortal Kombat series) was here to put Arm Champs II to the test! Shout outs to James White for taking on the hardest difficulty and Chris Blucher who treated everyone to pizza




Tuesday, January 1st:



Thursday, January 3rd:

Announcing Galloping Ghost Pinball! 

  • Galloping Ghost Arcade will be opening a new location dedicated to pinball! Opening day will be announced soon. Doc Mack has a video tour of our machines



Friday, January 4th:

  • Galloping Ghost Production’s first published game, The Spectre Files: Deathstalker, is now playable at Level 419 in Northwood, Ohio!



Saturday, January 5th:



Sunday, January 6th:

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Last Week in Review: December 3rd to December 9th

Monday, December 3rd:

  • Operation Gunbuster (Taito, 1992) added to the arcade floor


Tuesday, December 4th:

  • Tunnel Hunt (Atari, 1982) added to the arcade floor




  • We at Galloping Ghost Arcade extend our heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Joel West, who passed away this week. A great arcade gamer, known for his achievements in Frenzy and Berserk. He was always a welcome guest at GGA, and will be sorely missed. Gamer of the Year James White did a Frenzy Marathon on Twitch in his honor.

Watch Frenzy stream: James White in honor Joel West from GallopingGhostArcade on www.twitch.tv


Thursday, December 6th:

  • Galloping Ghost Arcade has a new expansion! Including:
    • Dark Planet (Stern, 1982)
    • Waku Waku 7 (Sunsoft, 1996)
    • Magical Tetris Challenge (Capcom, 1998)
    • Chase HQ (Taito, 1988)
    • Polygonet Commanders (Konami, 1993)
    • Cabinet Upgrade: Gate of Doom gets it’s own cabinet!
    • Piranha (GL, 1981)
    • Dark Stalkers (Capcom, 1994)
    • Night Warriors (Capcom, 1995)
    • Erghiez (Namco, 1998)
    • Main Event (Konami, 1988)
    • Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey (Atari, 1996)
    • Demolition Derby (Bally Midway, 1984)
    • Tranquilizer Gun (Sega, 1980)
    • And many more!



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Last Week in Review: November 26th to December 2nd

Monday, November 26th:

  • Star Hawk (Cinematronics, 1978) added to the arcade floor


  • Cabinet Repair: Monitor fixes for:
    • New Zealand Story
    • Dragon Spirit
    • Ninja Baseball Batman
    • Marvel vs Capcom
    • Marvel vs Street Fighter
    • X Men Children of the Atom
    • Alien vs Predator/Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
    • Thanks to Tom Nieter and Zach Edge for assistance with all of this




Saturday, December 1st:


  • Presenting Galloping Ghost Production’s own Dark Presence in a playable Beta at Galloping Ghost Arcade
    • All characters playable for the first time!
    • Full arcade ladder mode with secret boss character!
    • Check out the full direct feed stream here on our Twitch Channel.

Watch Dark Presence Day from GallopingGhostArcade on www.twitch.tv



Sunday, December 2nd:

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Last Week in Review: October 29th to November 4th

Monday, October 29th

  • Swimmer (Centuri, 1982) added to the arcade floor!



Wednesday, October 31st

  • New CarnEvil 20th Anniverscary posters on sale at the front counter. Created by industry legend Scott Pikulski! 


Friday, November 2nd


Saturday, November 3rd

  • GGA is proud to support the opening of a new arcadeColonial Arcade in Deptford, NJ. Owned by friend of GGA, Jerry Colonna, we ask if you are in the New Jersey area to check it out!



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Last Week in Review: October 22nd to October 28th

Monday, October 22nd:

  • Giga Wing 2 added to the arcade floor


  • Doc Mack‘s Panel from Pinball Expo 2018



Chris Plachy DEFENDED Maurice Smith Punch Out
Chris Plachy DEFENDED Geoff Lucas Karnov


Tuesday, October 23rd:

  • Phil Fenton announced he is playing on Garcade’s Team in the Extra Life gaming charity marathon! pledge your support to raise funds for a children’s hospital on November 3rd!


Friday, October 26th:


Saturday, October 27th:


  • Featuring
    • MK Celebrities:
      • John Parrish – Jax (MKII and UMK3)
      • Phillip Ahn, M.D. – Shang Tsung (MKII)
      • John Turk – Sub-Zero, Shang Tsung, Scorpion (UMK3)
      • Brian Glynn – Shao Kahn (MKII & UMK3)
      • Christopher Alexander – (MK Trilogy)
      • A surprise visit from Mortal Kombat Director Ed Boon!
    • Tournaments in MK, MKII, UMK3, and MK 4!

(Special thanks to Jason Krogh and Vincent Vincenti Miranda for photos)


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